“Breaking the Curse” wins Gracie Award!



Breaking the Curse with Daryn Kagan, a film by Brian Kosisky, has taken the 2008 Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary – Long Format. The film aired on PBS stations across the U.S. in 2007, and was directed by Kosisky and co-produced and narrated by Daryn Kagan. Breaking the Curse was named among the recipients of the 33rd Annual Gracie Awards, which recognize exemplary programming created for women and about women.

Filmed on location in India and in the United States, Breaking the Curse explores the story of American Becky Douglas as she ventured from the suburbs of Atlanta to the streets of India in her fight for the health, education, and lives of people living with leprosy. Douglas’ goal of giving temporary care to people in leprosy colonies unfolds into an ambitious plan to build schools, offer complete health care and education, and eventually eliminate the need of these colonies in India.

This film is the very first television documentary Kosisky and Kagan have collaborated on since they left CNN, where Kosisky most recently served as a senior news producer, and Kagan served as a news anchor and correspondent.  Kosisky and Kagan’s next project, SOLAR TOWN USA, is a film about the legacy of America’s very first solar town, and the remarkable story of how one American town survived a series of devastating flood which led to the creation of the very first solar village in the United States.

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